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New England Institute of Technology Library: InterLibrary Loan

InterLibrary Loan

The NEIT Library is a member of the Library of Rhode Island Network (LORI) and OCLC which allow us access to local, regional, national, and international interlibrary loan programs.

InterLibrary Loan Form


How long will it take to get my requested book or article?

Articles can take 1 day to over a week to get a response. Books are usually sent through the mail and it depends on how far the book is traveling to get to NEIT.

Please note: ILL requests are not automatic, a librarian has to process the request. If you make a request when the library is closed (Sundays, over holidays) it will not be processed until the next time the library is open.

Why didn't I receive the article I requested?

There can be few different reasons a request is not fulfilled. If the article is recently published the publisher may have put an embargo on the journal, meaning libraries cannot have access to the article until a certain amount of time has passed (a few months to over a year).

If the journal the article is in is not widely held in the United States it is less likely we will find a library willing to send us a copy.

How will I get the article?

You will receive an email either with a PDF attached or a link and a password to retrieve the article from Article Exchange.

Best Practices in Accessing Your ILL

You will know when your ILL request has been fulfilled when you receive an email from OCLC Worldshare ILL/Article Exchange.

You will receive a link and a password to access the article.

Copy and paste the link into a new window or tab in your browser and enter the password OCLC sent to you when prompted.

It is a good idea to save a PDF copy of the article while you are using it to complete your research because there is a limit to the number of page visits and/or days in which you can access your article without having to request it again. 

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