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Techstreet Subscriptions include:

♦  ICC
♦  NFPA Standards and Codes 
       (NFPA 70 aka NEC has moved, see below)

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NOT available in Techstreet, but in the NEIT Library Reference Area

•  2012 National Green Building Standard: ICC 700-2012
•  2012 International Green Construction Code. Item no. 3750S15        [1/19]  JH/gjm


Current and historic books, handbooks and related publications.

ICC Codes

Current and historic international codes.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Codes only

Current and Historic Handbooks
Current and Historic Codes and Standards

►  Access National Electrical Codes (NFPA 70/ NEC) Electrical Codes

             The NEC is no longer avaialable on Techstreet or as PDF files.
             The web version is available for free. Students, Faculty, and Staff
             can obtain a user ID and password from the library or create their
             own profile.  [10/20] JH