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Library Instruction Evaluations

Evaluations for Library instruction classes are done every fall and spring quarter.

Please take a few moments to give us your feedback on your recent experience with library instruction here at NEIT.  

Please click the link beneath the day and time that you
participated in the library instruction:


11/7 EN 101.70C Shirley 6pm






10/04 CJ 110.01 MacCoy 9:45am

10/04 CJ 110.11 MacCoy 1:30pm

10/10 EN 331.04C Hayhow 9:20am 

10/10 EN331.32C Hayhow 3:30pm

10/12 EN101.12C Iacobbo 11:40am

10/12 EN101.32C Moore 3:30pm

10/16 EN 101.15C Fucci 2:00pm

10/17 EN 101.04C Franco 9:20am

10/17 EN 110.HS Angel 3:30pm

10/19 EN 106.03C Choma 9:20am 

10/19 PTA 139.13 Clare 11:25am

10/19 PTA 139.03 Clare 1:15pm

10/19 PTA 331.80C Davis 6pm

10/23 EN101.31C Starr 3;30pm

10/30 EN 421.93C Hemmings 10.15am

10/30 EN 102.50C Gallo 6:00pm

10/31 EN 106.01C Parsons 9am