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How do I?

Use the Library

With a wealth of resources -- both print and digital (electronic) -- the Library can be a complex place. Read through this section to see if your questions are answered or  
ASK the Reference Librarian to give you a tour or answer your questions.

Call 401-739-5000, x3472 or email Ask a Librarian to get your questions answered. 
Or come into the Library and get help.

Learn about Library Policies

Learn a lot about the Library and its policies, hours, Mission Statement and more on the About page of the Library website.

Get a Library Card

Your library card is your student ID. Stop by the Circulation Desk -- directly ahead when you enter the Library. With the information on your Student ID, the Circulation Department will access your record. For off-campus use, create a PIN at the Circulation desk.

Find a Book

Search the Library Catalog. The Library Catalog includes print and electronic materials such as books, periodicals, websites, and other media. The catalog is accessible on the Internet from any computer anywhere.  Once you are in Technet, choose and click on the book icon for the Library Homepage and then click on Find Books tab in tool bar.  There are many ways to search the catalog. ASK a Reference Librarian for help.

 Books: After you locate the book that you want -- you will need to write down the Collection and Shelf Location of the book, which is the Call Number -- one or two letters followed by a series of numbers. This is the Library of Congress Classification System that classifies where the book is shelved in the Library. Any staff member can show you how to find the book.
[Learn more about Browsing the Library Collection and about Library of Congress Call Numbers.]

Find Materials on Course Reserves

  • Click on the Library Catalog.
  • Click on "Course Reserves."
  • On the  Course Reserves page, select the Course to find the reserve material.

Check out Course Reserves

You need to go to the Circulation Desk and obtain the material from the Circulation Assistant.  You must fill out the blue card with the date and your name.  Show the Circulation Assistant your ID card so we may check out the material on the computer.  We will keep your card at the desk until you return the material.  All Course Reserve materials must be used in the Library.

Find a Newspaper

Finding a newspaper is similar to finding a book, so follow the directions above. Some newspapers are available electronically through our database sources. If there is electronic access through one of our subscriptions, it will be noted in EBSCO A to Z. You can also find online newspapers in the Search Articles section of the Library website under E-Newspapers.

Find an Article

Articles from scholarly journals, magazines or newspapers can be found by using one or more of several sources depending on the particular publication. Finding an article can be easy OR not so easy because there are lots of variables such as which year, which issue, from what source, etc. Be sure to ASK the Reference Librarian (in person, by telephone, or be email) for help in guiding you through the search process.

Articles are located in:
 1) Periodicals/ journals that the library owns.
 2) Journal articles that can be found in full-text databases.
 3) Journal articles from our print collection.

If you cannot locate a journal article, we can obtain the article from another academic library or institution through Interlibrary Loan.

[To learn more see Search Articles]

Cite a Research Paper Using APA Format

All research papers should include APA style when writing and formatting papers, creating a list of references, and when citing your references within the text of the paper.  Consult the APA Formatting and Documentation Guidelines: NEIT's Standard for Writing a College Paper on the APA Citation Help page.   
Ask a Librarian or a tutor in the Academic Skills Center for help.