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Guides, Handouts, Tutorials

This page includes Handouts for special topics, Video Tutorials created by NEIT Librarians, and Vendor Guides and Tutorials (from subscription databases.)  Each of these is designed to be a quick and helpful lesson.  Or you can always Ask a Librarian for assistance.

NEIT Handouts


APA Formatting and Documentation Guidelines 
[NEIT Committee, rev. 201707]
Quick Guide to APA Reference Page Entries  (rev. 201508)
APA Formatting using Word 2013

Insert a Running Header
Library Resources for Career Exploration (rev. 201611.10)
Pro and Con Resources: CQ Researcher  (rev. 201508)
Pro and Con Resources: Opposing Viewpoints (rev. 201508)
Suggested Rubric for an Article Critique for faculty

♦  TECH or ELECTIVE specific

Biographies of Scientists (rev. 201508)
Business Resources (rev. 201508)
Cape Wind Project for SS 221-Tech & American Life (rev. 201511)
Example of data extraction from a research article  MA300
How to Research a Legal Problem: a guide for non-lawyers
Key Online Resources for Nursing 
(rev. 20150904)
Short Intro to Statistics  (Thank you to Fraser Health for reuse) MA300

NEIT Video Tutorials

♦  General EBSCOhost Video created by Anthony Loffredio, MLS   [3/17]
♦  Nursing Research Video created by Joseph Holland, MLS
♦  Occupational Therapy Research Video created by Joseph Holland, MLS

Vendor Guides & Tutorials

♦  APA

Basics of APA Style Tutorial (requires Adobe Flash)

♦  ArcGIS

ESRI Editing Tutorials          

♦  Books24x7

Books24x7 Citations
Books24x7 Advanced Search

♦  CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher Tutorial Video, the basics (YouTube) [6/15]


Basic Steps to Do an EBSCOhost Search (rev. 201508)
Creating a My EBSCOhost Account & Saving Articles in Folders (rev. 201508)
Advanced EBSCO Search Strategies (rev. 201508)

Also see General EBSCOhost Video created by Anthony Loffredio, MLS  

♦   ICE Video Learning   (ezproxy link- [10/16] )
(International Clinical Educators, Inc. - ICE videos for healthcare professionals)

♦ (for OTA/PTA students) 


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