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Course Reserves

All required texts for the humanities & social science and math & science courses are automatically ordered by the Library Circulation Desk staff and placed on Course Reserve. However, textbooks for the technology programs are not automatically placed on reserve. Often the Library does not own copies of the textbooks used in technical classes. We will obtain textbooks and keep them on reserve only if requested by an individual instructor. Instructors may also place books, articles, media, or personal copies of materials on reserve for their courses.

Reserves cannot be checked out of the Library.

Finding a Course Reserve

To view a particular course reserve, click on Course Reserves and then select either the Department, Course, or Instructor. Every title is listed under a particular Department, as well as the course. Not all course reserves are listed under an instructor. If the course is taught in multiple sections by different instructors, the title may be entered under both instructors, or under a generic instructor name (for example, All English Instructors).

Using a Course Reserve

Request for Course Reserves at the Circulation Desk. After presenting your student ID, you may borrow the course reserve for a loan period of two hours, but the item must be used within the Library. Reserve materials must remain in the Library.

Placing Items on Course Reserve

Faculty may place supplementary course materials and textbooks on reserve for student use. Faculty can place Library books on Reserve by simply filling out the Online Reserve Request Form on the About-->Reserves page. If you wish to place a personal copy of a book, media, or article on Reserve, please print out the Printable Reserve Request Form and bring the form and the item with you when you come to the Library. If you wish, paper Reserve Request Forms for Library materials can also be mailed through campus mail or dropped off at the Circulation Desk in the Library. A Reserve Request Form in .doc format is also available on the College's Intranet under the FORMS button -- just fill in out online, then print and bring the filled form with you when you come into the Library.

To check the Library Catalog to determine what you currently have on Reserve, click on the View Course Reserves link located at the top of the screen in the Library Catalog, or in the Helpful Links article when you are in the Library website. Next, select Department or Course or Instructor, then click on the Show Reserves button to the right.

Reserve materials are available at the Circulation Desk (Ext. 3409) and can be signed out for use within the Library.

The Library does not own copies of all of the textbooks used in technical classes. We will obtain textbooks and keep them on reserve only if requested. If you need copies of books on Reserve, we must know by week 9 of the previous quarter.

All required texts for humanities/social sciences and mathematics/science elective courses are automatically placed on reserve since students are not as likely to purchase texts not related to their technology.

After each quarter, all items and books previously placed on reserve are removed and returned to their original location, unless an instructor has made other arrangements with the Circulation Department of the Library.

Reserves cannot be checked out of the Library.