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Library Catalog

The NEIT Library Catalog is a database of the Library's holdings including books, e-books, periodicals, media, and selected online resources that can be searched through multiple access points including: title, author, and subject. Access to the Library catalog is available on- and off-campus. Go to the Library Catalog.

Searching in the Library Catalog

There are two ways to search in the Library Catalog.

BASIC: To perform a basic search, just type any word(s) in the search box and click on Search.

ADVANCED: An advanced search will help you narrow down your search results. Clicking on Advanced opens the Advanced Boolean Searching search area. What is Boolean? Boolean is a method of searching using algebraic logic which allows you to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, and NOT (otherwise known as Boolean operators) to limit, widen, or refine your search results.

Boolean search Image --how to

Boolean search Image found on the Library Catalog page - instruction

In the above image.....

"all shoes" AND "all things brown" = brown shoes,

"all shoes" OR "all things brown" = all shoes and everything brown,

"all shoes" NOT "all things brown" = shoes that are not brown,

"all things brown" NOT "all shoes" = everything brown except brown shoes.

Advanced Searching Tips:

  • You can change "Keyword" to other parameters like "Author", "Title", or "Subject".
  • Other useful limits you can opt to add to your search include "Date Range" and "Item Type"(such as E-Books or DVDs).
  • Click the "+" or "-" buttons to add or remove search criteria.
  • To optimize response time, limit to five fields or less.