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Professional Associations

Boston Post Mortem
The Boston chapter of the International Game Development Association.  [8/16]
ESA: Entertainment Software Association
U.S. association exclusively dedicated to serving the business and public affairs needs of companies that publish computer and video games for video game consoles, handheld devices, personal computers, and the Internet. [4/17]
IGDA: International Game Developers Association
"... non-profit professional association that exists as a global network of collaborative projects and communities comprised of individuals from all fields of game development - from programmers and producers to writers, artists, QA and localization." [4/17]
NASAGA: North American Simulation & Gaming Association 
According to the website the North American Simulation and Gaming Association is “THE home for trainers, teachers, and educators who use active learning methods to increase engagement, enhance retention, and improve performance.” [4/17]

Topics and Issues

Boston Area Game Companies
A handy list of game design companies in the Boston area. [8/16]
The art & business of making games. Contain articles from game designers, industry news, business & marketing, a blog, news and more. [4/17]
Gamedevmap is a living map and catalog of game development organizations around the world. Updated regularly as of December 2013, Gamedevmap contains “publishers and development studios with a staff of five or more, studios with previously published games, and studios under contract with a publisher are listed. Also included are “middleware companies, service providers, and schools are not currently being tracked. gamedevmap does not track individual talent, consultants, or mod groups.” [8/16]


The Game Industry Career Guide
The Game Industry Career Guide is a good source for getting a job and building your career in the video game industry. Owned and operated by game industry veteran Jason W. Bay this site offers insider tips and advice getting a job in the game design industry. [8/16] 
Game Job Hunter
Job listings from all over the world according your specific talent and experience (art, design, marketing, producer, ect), resume advice, best cities for employment in video game industry and more! [ [8/16]

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