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COVID-19—We’re in this together

Many content providers are offering free access to e-content during the COVID-19 pandemic. In general, for-profit publishers are only allowing free access to articles and information related to this disease and its epidemiology. The open access websites are always free and available.

American College of Physicians (overview of care plans for COVID-19)

DOAJ (free and open access journals)

JAMA and related AMA journals  (articles limited to COVID-19)

Karger Article Package (Sharing research data and findings relevant to the novel coronavirus)

Liebert (articles limited to COVID-19)

McGraw-Hill Access Medicine (text, infograhics, and video limited to COVID-19)

National Institute of Health (open access to medical research and data)

New England Journal of Medicine (articles limited to COVID-19)

Sage Journals (articles limited to COVID-19)

Science Magazine (articles limited to COVID-19)

Professional Associations

American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB)
A national professional association of clinical laboratory directors, owners, supervisors, managers, medical technologists, medical laboratory technicians, physician office laboratory technicians and phlebotomists. Interests include clinical chemistry, clinical laboratory science, and laboratory medicine. [8/16]
American Medical Technologists  (AMT)
AMT is a nationally and internationally recognized certification agency and membership society for Medical Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Medical Lab Assistants, Medical Assistants, Medical Administrative Specialists, Phlebotomy Technicians, Dental Assistants, Allied Health Instructors, Clinical Laboratory Consultants. [8/16]
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science  (ASCLS)
Contributes to the profession and practitioners in clinical laboratory science through education and certification maintenance. [8/16]
Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute
CLSI facilitates a process of developing clinical laboratory testing standards based on input from and consensus among industry, government, and health care professionals. [4/17]

Topics and Issues

ARUP Laboratories: a National Reference Laboratory
ARUP Laboratories is a national clinical and anatomic pathology reference laboratory and a worldwide leader in innovative laboratory research and development. Also includes link to full text journal Magnify: the art & science of diagnostic medicine. (Associated Regional and University Pathologists, Inc.)  [ [8/16]
The World Health Organization [WHO] has links to all versions of ICD-10 [Classification of Diseases] including the most current version, 2016.

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is the standard diagnostic tool for epidemiology, health management and clinical purposes. This includes the analysis of the general health situation of population groups. It is used to monitor the incidence and prevalence of diseases and other health problems, proving a picture of the general health situation of countries and populations.  All Member States use the ICD which has been translated into 43 languages. [8/16]

Lab Tests Online
"Peer-reviewed, Patient-centered, Outcomes-driven.  A public resource on clinical lab testing from the laboratory professionals who do the testing."  (NIH recommended) [8/16]
Medicine Net : Procedures & Tests A- Z List
Offers an A to Z listing of over 200 laboratory and point-of-care medical tests and procedures.  Also offers a list of the top 20 commonly searched tests along with images, quizzes, and a symptom checker. [8/16]
Taylor & Francis Online
URL: (subscription link for NEIT on and off campus)
Publishers of Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation (e-journal subscription available via Full Text Finder) and many other publications of myriad topics.  [11/16]
Tests used in Clinical Care:  FDA
URL: (long URL)
The U.S, Food and Drug Administration provides general information and links to excellent databases of a variety of lab tests. [4/17]

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