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Library Materials for Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Library materials on Mechanical Engineering can be found under TJ classification. Books on Computer-Aided Design are found in TA174; Manufacturing Processes in TS183; Electricity, QC501-QC721.  Books on SolidWorks (3-D Software tools) are found in T385. Books on Three-Dimensional Printing (3-D printing) are found in T385.  Books on Metrology are found in T50, Measurement; and engineering materials books are found in Materials, TA401-TA492.  General works on the Strength of Materials are located in the Library  in the classification TA405, with TA410-TA417 for works on the testing of materials.

Books on Statics are found in three areas: in QA821-QA835 with other books on Mathematics, in TA351 for applied statics, and in TA648-TA648.5 for Structural Analysis books. Kinematics works are in two areas:  QA841-QA842 (Analytic mechanics), and QC231 (Vibrations).

Books on Mechatronics are found in the classification TJ163.12, with CAD/CAM Systems found in TS155.6.  Books on Fluid Power Technology are in TJ840-TJ843, with Fluid Mechanics in TA357-TA359 with the other engineering books.

Books on Automatic Control are in TJ212-TJ225, with Programmable Controllers in TJ223.P76, this includes the Arduino (Programmable Controller).  Library materials on Dynamics are in QA843-QA871 (Mathematics), and also TA352-TA356, for applied dynamics.  Books on LabVIEW are found in Q185. Plastics are found in TA455.P5 with other works on Engineering Materials, and in TP1101-TP1135 for works on their chemical technology.

Also, books on Machine Design are in TJ227-TJ240, and books on Thermodynamics are in either QC310.15-QC319 (Physics), or TJ265 (Mechanical engineering).   Works on heat transfer, referred to in the Library Catalog as Heat--Transmission, are in QC320-QC338.  Books on Industrial Management in HD28-HD70.


For more titles, search the Library Catalog using the subject terms listed above in bold.

♦  A dictionary of mechanical engineering / Tony Atkins and Marcel Escudier.
Ref. TJ9 .A83 2013
This new dictionary covers all aspects of mechanical engineering, including thermodynamics, heat transfer, combustion, stress analysis, design, manufacturing, materials mechanics, dynamics, vibrations, and control. It provides authoritative guidance for students, practising engineers, and others needing definitions of mechanical engineering terms. [8/19]  
♦   Applied science. Engineering and mathematics / editor, Donald R. Franceschetti.
Ref. TA145 .A67 2013
This comprehensive volume examines the relationship between engineering and mathematics, providing insight into the many ways in which both disciplines affect daily life. The essays look beyond basic principles to examine a wide range of topics, inculding industrial and business applications, historical and social contexts, and the impact a particular field of engineering or mathematics will have on future jobs and careers. [8/19]
♦  Engineering unit conversions / Michael R. Lindeburg. 4th ed.
Ref. TA332 .L56 2009
With more than 4500 conversions arranged for quick lookup, this is the most complete reference of its kind. Covers traditional English, conventional metric, and SI units in the fields of civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. [8/19]
[2019 6th edition on order]
♦  General industry regulations 29 CFR Part 1910 : with 1903 inspections, citations, and proposed penalities, 1904 recording and reporting occupational injuries
Ref. KF3570 .A2 G36 2013
Contains general occupational safety and health standards which have been found to be national consensus standards or established Federal standards.  (Also available online from OSHA). [8/19]                    
♦  Machinery's handbook : a reference book for the mechanical engineer, designer, manufacturing engineer, draftsman, toolmaker, and machinist / by Erik Oberg ... [et al.] ; Christopher J. McCauley, editor. 30th ed.
Ref. TJ151 .O245 2016  
Most popular reference work in metalworking, design, engineering and manufacturing facilities for nearly 100 years. It is universally acknowledged as an extraordinarily authoritative, comprehensive, and practical tool, providing its users with the most fundamental and essential aspects of sophisticated manufacturing practice. [8/19]
♦  Marks' standard handbook for mechanical engineers / revised by a staff of specialists ; Eugene A. Avallone, Theodore Baumeister III, Ali M. Sadegh, editors. 12th ed.
Ref. TJ151 .S82 2018
Solve any mechanical engineering problem quickly and easily with the world's leading engineering handbook. Nearly 1800 pages of mechanical engineering facts, figures, standards, and practices, 2000 illustrations, and 900 tables clarifying important mathematical and engineering principle, and the collective wisdom of 160 experts help you answer any analytical, design, and application question you will ever have. [8/19]


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Suggested titles
below listed as (e-journals or electronic journals) can be located in the subscription service, EBSCO's Full Text Finder.

♦  Machine Design  (e-journal  1997 - present)
Articles, special reports, commentary, news trends & tech briefs for research, development & design engineers engaged in the design & manufacture of machinery, electrical/electronic equipment & mechanical equipment.  [8/19]
♦  Machining Science and Technology  (e-journal  2001 - present, 18 month delay)
Covers issues related to machining and traditional and nontraditional
machining processes performed on all materials--metals, polymers, ceramics,
and composites.
♦  Mechanical Engineering : The Journal of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)  (e-journal  1993 - present)
Feature articles, commentary, product reviews, legislation, computing and software news, ASME codes and standards and news of note published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. [8/19]
♦  Modern Machine Shop (e-journal   1996 - present)
Feature articles, commentaries, interviews, legislation, new products and literature and equipment reviews aimed at production, engineering and company management personnel employed in manufacturing plants where metalworking operations are performed. [8/19]                                                                                

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