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Library Materials for Information Technology

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The library has a large amount of books and E-books concerning the study of Information Technology.  Most materials in the Library can be found under the classifications QA75.5 through QA76.95 for Computer Science (including programming languages, operating systems, computer security, virtual computer systems, software engineering, etc.), and TK5101 through TK5105.9 for works on Telecommunication (including computer networks and WANs, routers, servers, web services, etc.). Study guides for certification exams are located in QA76.3 (listed in the Library Catalog under Electronic Data Processing Personnel--Certification--Study Guides).



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♦  Berkshire encyclopedia of human-computer interaction / 
William Sims Bainbridge, editor.
Ref. QA 76.9 H85 B46 2004
This two volume set contains over 200 articles concerning humans and their interaction with technology over the decades, covering the field's history, breakthroughs, current research, and future direction.  Also, contains sidebar information, more than 75 photos, charts, tables and figures, glossaries and more.
  Dictionary of computer and internet terms / Douglas A. Downing ... [et al.].
Ref. QA76.15 .D667 2013
Defines about 3,200 terms related to computers and the Internet, from Internet culture, to computer ethics and security, to digital music, to computer architecture. Included are computer science principles and programming information, with examples in several computer languages, and a visual dictionary of characters and symbols, country codes for top-level domains, and Internet safety tips. This edition has new information on Windows 7 and 8, the iPhone and iPad, Twitter, Facebook, cloud computing, digital photography and audio, Linux, mobile devices, and recent developments.
  Encyclopedia of computer science & technology / Harry Henderson.
Ref. QA 76.15 H43 2003
Over 400 comprehensive cross-referenced entries for the computer science and information technology fields. Entries are listed alphabetically with a helpful index at the end of the text.
♦  International biographical dictionary of computer pioneers  / editor, J.A.N. Lee.
Ref. QA 76.2 A2 I68 1995
A who's who in computer science and development. This dictionary contains biographies of 240 innovators in the field of computing and explains their contribution to computer science.   Includes those who “have played a supportive role such as enlightened managers, financiers, or teachers as well as those individuals central to the development of computing.”


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Suggested titles
below listed as (e-journals or electronic journals) can be located in the subscription service, EBSCO's Full Text Finder.

♦  AJIT-e: Online Academic Journal of Information Technology
(e-journal  2012 - present)
Online Academic Journal of Information Technology [1/17]
♦  CIO  (e-journal  2006 - present)
Serving chief information officers and other IT leaders. [1/17]
♦  Ethics and Information Technology (e-journal   2008 - present, 1 year delay)
Attempts to answer the ethical, social and political questions associated with the adoption, use, and development of information and communication technology. [1/17]
♦  Journal of Global Information Technology Management (e-journal 1998-2015)
Published articles on all aspects of the application of information technology for international business. [11/16]
♦  Wired  (in Library) (e-journal  2008 - present)
Covers the people involved with the digital revolution and related changes in computer and communications technologies and life-styles. [1/17]

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