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Library Materials for Electronics,
Robotics & Drones Technology

[Please note: Prior to October 2017, the program ERD was titled
Electronic Systems Engineering Technology (EST)]

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Books and media on Electronics can be found in the Library under the classifications TK7800 through TK7895. Within this range, works on Electronic Circuits are found on the shelves under the classifications TK7867 through TK7870, with library materials on Digital Electronics in TK7868.D5 and works on Printed Circuits in TK7868.P7. Books on Semiconductors are found in TK7871.85; Integrated Circuits in TK7874, with Linear Integrated Circuits in TK7874.654Microelectronics in TK7874; and Electronic Apparatus and Appliances in TK7869-TK7872. Also, find works on Electronic Instruments in TK7878.4-TK7879.4Industrial Electronics in TK7881Electronic ControlTK7881.2; and Microprocessors--Design and Construction in TK7895.M5.

Library materials on Electric Circuits are found on the shelves in QC601 (for electric current), and TK3001-TK3226 (for electric engineering); with works on Electric Circuit Analysis in TK454; and works on Electric Controllers in TK2851.

Works on Robotics are found in TJ210.2-TJ211.45 (mechanical engineering), with TJ211.35 for works on Robots--Control Systems. Books on Programmable Controllers are found in TJ223.P76.

Library materials on Microprocessors are found in several areas of the Library: QA76.5 (in computer science), TK7895.M5 (in electronics for computer hardware), and TJ223.M53 (in mechanical engineering for digital control).

Other areas of interest are TK5101 for works on Telecommunication Systems; TK5105.8.C57 for works on Cisco IOS, the software for Routers (Computer Networks); T385 for AutoCAD titles; TA165 for Engineering Instruments (including detectors); and TS156.8 for Process Control--Data Processing.

Books and media on Renewable Energy Sources are located under the classificationTJ807-TJ830, with general works on Solar Energy in TJ809-TJ812.8 and works on Wind Power (including Wind Turbines and Windmills) in TJ820-TJ830. Works on Water-Powerare found in TJ840-TJ890Hydraulic Machinery. Works on the assemblage of photoelectric devices and supporting equipment supplying electricity to a community or standing alone to power homes or commercial buildings are in TK1087Photovoltaic Power Systems, and works on Solar Cells are also found in TK2960Photovoltaic Power Generation.


 For more titles, search the Library Catalog using the subject terms listed above in bold.

♦  Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician & Technician
TK152 .C2185 2014
 A reference that explains what entertainment electricians and technicians need to know and why. It reinforces the fundamentals of electricity, power distribution, and electrical safety.  This excellent reference is written by an Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) Recognized trainer.  [12/16]
♦  Encyclopedia of electronic components, volume 1: resistors, capacitors, inductors, switches, encoders, relays, transistors
Ref. TK7870 .P594 2012
Reference source for engineers, teachers and students. Includes “reliable, fact-checked information” on electronic components. Includes “ photographs, schematics, and diagrams.” [7/16]
♦  Encyclopedia of electronic components, volume 2: diodes, transistors, chips, light, heat, and sound emitters [ON ORDER – not released yet]
Second volume of a three volume set geared towards engineers, teachers and students. “Volume 2 covers signal processing, including diodes, transistors, chips, light, heat, and sound emitters.” [7/16]
♦  Handbook of industrial and systems engineering /
edited by Adedeji B. Badiru. 2nd ed.
Ref. T56.23 .H35 2013
A handbook “geared toward students, researchers, and practitioners with easy access to a wide range of industrial engineering tools and techniques in a concise format and emphasizing new systems engineering tools, techniques, and models”.   [7/16]
♦  Handbook for sound engineers / Glen M. Ballou, editor
Ref. TK7881.4 .H36 2015
 Handbook for Sound Engineers' 5th edition has been updated to reflect changes in the industry, including added emphasis on increasingly prevalent technologies such as software-based recording systems, digital recording using MP3, WAV files, and mobile devices [11/16]
♦  Power with nature : renewable energy options for homeowners / Rex A. Ewing.
TJ809.4 .E95 2012
Covers renewable energy options for grid-tied and off-grid homeowners, including solar energy (passive and active), wind power, microhydro energy, geothermal heat pumps, solar water heating, biomass heating, backup generators and pumping/storing water. Also examines energy conservation, system sizing/pricing, and tax incentives. [7/16]
♦  Standard handbook for electrical engineers / H. Wayne Beaty, editor ; Donald G. Fink, late editor. 16th ed.
Ref. TK151 .S8 2013
Essential resource on electrical engineering data. Reference tool on generation, distribution, control, operation, and application of power. 13th ed. also available in the Circulating Collection. [7/16]


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Suggested titles
below listed as (e-journals or electronic journals) can be located in the subscription service, EBSCO's Full Text Finder.

♦  Electronics Weekly (e-journal   2002 - present)
Contains technical features, news analysis, product news and industry trends. [1/17]
♦  Electronics World (e-journal  2010 - present)
Articles and product news for the electronics industry. [1/17]
♦  Journal of Engineering Education (e-journal  2000 - present, 1 year delay) (in Library)
A premier discipline-based education research journal published by the American Society for Engineering Education. [1/17]
♦  Make: technology on your time (in Library  2014 - present
Focuses on do-it-yourself projects involving computers, electronics, robotics, metalworking, woodworking and other disciplines. Geared to people who like
making things and features complex projects which can often be completed with
cheap materials, including household items. The magazine also includes features
and rotating columns.   [3/17]
♦  Power Electronics Technology (e-journal   2002 - 2013)
Presents news and information of relevance to the power electronics industry. [1/17]

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