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Library Materials for Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Books and media for manufacturing can be found in the Library under the classification TS (for manufactures). Specifically, CAD/CAM Systems in TS155.6Product Design and Industrial Design can be found in TS171; Manufacturing Processes in TS183; and industrial Welding in TS227-TS228Engineering materials books are found in Materials, TA401-TA492.  General works on the Strength of Materials (mechanics of materials) are located in the Library under the classification TA405, with TA410-TA417 for works on the testing of materials (Materials--Testing).  Works on Machine-Shop Practice and Machine-Tool Design are found in TJ1185 (Machining), with Machine-Tools in TJ227-TJ240 and TJ1180-TJ1313, and works on computer numerical control (CNC) of machine-tools  in TJ1189 (Machine-Tools--Numerical Control).  Also, books on Metrology are found in T50, Measurement; and T379 contains works on Blueprints


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♦  CNC trade secrets : a guide to CNC machine shop practices / James A. Harvey.
TJ1165 .H378 2015
You don't have to know everything about CNC machines in order to makes parts on them. Whether you're a shop owner, machinist, designer, or hobbyist, Harvey shows you useful techniques for holding and machining parts using CNC machines, and provides a potpourri of practical and proven machining tips and tricks.  [3/19] ]
♦  Drawing for product designers / Kevin Henry. 
TS171.4 .H46 2012 
With its tutorial-based approach, this is a practical guide to both hand- and computer-drawn design. Readers will learn to think three-dimensionally and build complex design ideas that are structurally sound and visually clear.  [3/19]
♦  Getting started with CNC / Edward Ford.
TJ1189 .F67 2016
An introduction to working with affordable desktop and benchtop CNCs.  A CNC
can carve highly durable pieces out of a block of aluminum, wood, and other materials. This book covers the fundamentals of designing for -- and working with -- affordable ($500-$3000) CNCs.
♦  The industrial design reference + specification book : all the details industrial designers need to know but can never find / Daniel F. Cuffaro ... [and six others] ; updated materials provided by Issac Zaks.
TS171 .P725 2013
Contains information that is essential to successful product design, including information on measurement conversions, trademark and copyright standards, patents and product-related intellectual property rights/standards, setting up files for prototyping and production runs, and manufacturing and packaging options to optimize the design. [3/19]
♦  Making it : manufacturing techniques for product design / [Chris Lefteri]. 2nd ed.
TS183 .L44 2012
Describes over 90 production techniques, established and cutting-edge, using descriptive text, specially commissioned diagrams, product shots, and photographs of the manufacturing process. Also information about costs and production volumes. [3/19]
♦  Manufacturing best practices : optimizing productivity and product quality / Bobby Hull.
TS183 .H85 2011 
Takes currently available manufacturing tools, such as six Sigma, Lean, ISO and Statistical Process Control (SPC), combined with real world experience, and shows how they can be used to create a culture or philosophy within an organization. The book shows that it is not the tools that make best practices, but rather the mindset that can be developed through the use of the tools, and provides best practices for manufacturers to pick those that are most applicable to their needs.   [3/19]
♦   Mechanics of materials for dummies / by James H. Allen III.
TA405 .A45 2011
Provides plain-English explanations of all the topics you'll encounter in a typical under-graduate course, including principles of equilibrium, geometric compatibility, and material behavior; stress and its relation to force and movement; strain and its relation to displacement; and methods for calculating deformations & indeterminate systems.  [3/19]
♦  Process : 50 product designs from concept to manufacture / Jennifer Hudson.
TS171 .H83 2011
This book provides an in-depth study of the creative and manufacturing processes behind 50 contemporary domestic design objects.  Each project is presented through explanatory text as well as inspirational image, sketch, detail shots of production processes and the completed product.  [3/19]


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Suggested titles
below listed as (e-journals or electronic journals) can be located in the subscription service, EBSCO's Full Text Finder.

♦  Industry Week (e-journal  1993 - present)
A management magazine aimed at executives with management
responsibilities in administration or finance, production, engineering,
purchasing or marketing and sales. 
♦  Modern Metals (e-journal   1997 - present )
Provides comprehensive industry coverage on metalworking.  [3/19]
♦  Production Machining (e-journal  2004 - present)
Looks at today's high volume production, technology, traditional & CNC for the whole Screw Machine Market. Addresses both job shop & captive machining operations. [3/19]
♦  Products Finishing (e-journal  1996 - present )
Covers production, engineering, laboratory, management and administrative personnel in plants where metal and plastic products are electroplated, anodized, painted, powder coated, buffed, cleaned, coated, polished, degreased or otherwise surface finished.  [3/19]

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