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Professional: Associations, Organizations

Electricity, EIA: U.S. Energy Information Administration
Independent Statistics and Analysis.  Contains an interactive visualization, data and multimedia maps and browsers, industry data and analysis and projections of data for the electrical industry. [3/19]
IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Professional association for electrical trade workers and electronic engineers. Site includes the IEEE XPlore Digital Library. In this library, there are journals, magazines, conference publications, standards, books and Ebooks, and courses. [3/19]
NECA: National Electrical Contractors Association
Provides information on research, performance standards, and other issues facing the electrical industry. In addition, you can find career information, including electrical state code and licensing requirements. The association publishes the ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine, a leading industry publication on the electrical contracting industry. This is found in "more in news".  [3/19]
NFPA: National Fire Protection Organization
Provides information on codes and standards for the electrical trades, safety information, training resources and research regarding electrical fires and other industry issues. [3/19]
OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Offers statistics and inspection data, information on worker’s rights, and enforcement information. There are links to OSHA web training. U. S. Department of Labor.  Resources are available in English and Spanish. [3/19]

Topics and Issues

Home Power
Launched in 1987, the website gives information on the goal: "reducing the use of polluting fossil fuels by using the renewable energy that surrounds us." Exchange experiences: equipment design, installation, and system performance. Home Power Magazine provides technical articles on solar, wind, and micro-hydroelectricity, energy efficiency, solar hot water systems, space heating and cooling, energy-efficient building materials and home design, and clean transportation options.  Free registration on the site for the 31-year old archive.  Bound volumes available in the library: 2011-2017.  [3/19]
Let's Go Solar
Included on this site: how-to checklists, easy-to-follow financing explanations, expert tips and state-specific solar scenarios [3/19]
Electrical Power Systems: Hot Topics 
Business Reference Services from the Library of Congress website contains information on the US electrical power system including how power grids work, an overview of the electrical power industry, glossary of terms, links to industry organizations and government resources. [3/19]

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