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Library Materials for Electrical Technology

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Library materials on Electric Wiring can be found in the Library under the classifications TK3201 through TK3285, with TK3271-TK3285 for residential wiring (Electric wiring--Interior). Books that explain Electricity can be found on the book shelves in QC501 through QC721. 

Books on Electric Motors are found on the shelves under the call numbers TK2511 through TK2541, with TK2681 for direct current, TK2781-TK2789 for alternating current, and TK4055-TK4058 for use (electric driving of various machinery).

In addition, books on Electric Transformers can be found under the call number TK2551Electric Controllers in TK2851 and Electronic Controllers in TK7881.2Programmable Controllers (including Arduino) are located in TJ223.P76Automatic ControlTJ213, and books on Process Control in TS156.8.

Books and media on Renewable Energy Sources are located under the classification TJ807-TJ830, with general works on Solar Energy in TJ809-TJ812.8 and works on Wind Power (including Wind Turbines and Windmills) in TJ820-TJ830. Works on Water-Powerare found in TJ840-TJ890Hydraulic Machinery. Works on the assemblage of photoelectric devices and supporting equipment supplying electricity to a community or standing alone to power homes or commercial buildings are in TK1087Photovoltaic Power Systems, and works on Solar Cells are also found in TK2960Photovoltaic Power Generation.


 For more titles, search the Library Catalog using the subject terms listed above in bold.

♦  American electricians' handbook 16th ed. /
Terrell Croft, Frederic P. Hartwell, Wilford I. Summers [editors]
TK151 .C8 2013
Fundamentals -- Properties and splicing of conductors -- Circuits and circuit calculations -- General electrical equipment and batteries -- Transformers -- Solid-state devices and circuits -- Generators and motors -- and more.   [3/19]
♦  Large-scale solar power systems : construction and economics /
Peter Gevorkian.
TK1545 .G48 2014
Design methodologies outline specific requirements of solar and electrical design and construction documentation in meticulous detail, which can be applied to ground mount, roof mount, building integrated (BIPV), and carport-type solar power projects. [3/19] 
  McGraw-Hill's National electrical safety code (NESC) 2017 handbook /
David J. Marne.
Ref. TK152 .M37 2017 
“Designed to be used alongside the Code itself, this handbook provides a rule-by-rule annotation of the NESC that clarifies potentially confusing Code text and includes “hundreds of illustrations and photos, practical examples, and concise language regarding complicated and controversial issues are included in this expert resource.” [3/19]
♦  National electrical code / National Fire Protection Association.
Ref. TK260 .N359 2017                                    
Most recent edition covering the National Electrical Code that has been adopted in all 50 states, and “is an essential reference for those in or entering careers in electrical design, installation, inspection, and safety”. [3/19]
♦  OSHA standards for the construction industry (29 CFR part 1926).
Ref. KF3574 .C65 O84 2010 Jan.
Reproduces full text of regulations contained in the official OSHA government version at Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 1926 and other “regulations covering occupational injury and illness recordkeeping and reporting”.
Also available online from the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration website, titled: Part 1926 -- Safety and health regulations for construction.  [3/19]
[July 2018 ed. on order]
♦  Ugly's electrical references / 2017 ed.
Ref. TK151 .H28 2017
A “quick on-the-job reference in the electrical industry. Used worldwide by electricians, engineers, contractors, designers, maintenance workers, instructors, and the military.”
2012 ed. in the Circulating Collection.  [3/19]


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Suggested titles
below listed as (e-journals or electronic journals) can be located in the subscription service, EBSCO's Full Text Finder.

♦  Electric Light & Power (e-journal   1994 - 2016)
Industry news, business information, legislation, and technical reports on new products and applications aimed at electric utility executives, managers and engineers. [3/19]
♦  Home Power (in Library  2011 - 2017)
Each issue contains the most comprehensive, technical coverage of solar, wind, and microhydro electricity, energy efficiency, solar hot water systems, space heating and cooling, energy-efficient building materials and home design, and clean transportation options.  [3/19]


♦  Home power [electronic resource] : 1987-2011 digital archive.
Media TJ807 .H66 2011
Issues from 1987-June 2011 are available on this DVD-ROM. For current issues, see the Journals section above. [3/19]                      

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