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Library Materials for
Civil Engineering Technology

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Library materials on Civil Engineering can be found in the Library under TA1 through TA2040 classification. Works on AutoCAD Civil 3D, the civil engineering computer program, are found on the shelves in TA345.5.A98. Works on engineering materials are found in the Library Catalog under the subject heading Materials, and on the shelves in TA401-TA492.  General works on the Strength of Materials are located under the classification TA405, with TA410-TA417 for works on the testing of materials.

Works on Statics can be found in the classifications TA351 (for applied statics); TA648-TA648.5 (Structural Analysis, Engineering); and in with the other math books in QA821-QA835. Similarly, works on Dynamics (also called kinetics) can be found in TA352-TA356 (for applied dynamics) and in QA843-QA871 with other mathematics books.

Works on engineering economics, the quantitative evaluation of engineering alternatives in terms of worth and cost, are found in the Library Catalog under the subject heading Engineering Economy, and on the shelf in TA177.4-TA178.


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♦  Autocad Civil 3D 2014 essentials / Eric Chappell.
TA345.5.A98 C467 2013
E-book also available. [6/16]
♦  Civil engineer's handbook of professional practice / Karen Lee Hansen and
Kent E. Zenobia.
TA151 .H295 2011 [1/15]
♦  Construction materials reference book / edited by David Doran and Bob Cather.
Ref. TA403.4 C66 2014 [1/15]
♦  Engineering unit conversions / Michael R. Lindeburg. 4th ed.
Ref. TA332 .L56 2009
With more than 4500 conversions arranged for quick lookup, this is the most complete reference of its kind. Covers traditional English, conventional metric, and SI units in the fields of civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. [11/14]
  FE civil review manual : rapid preparation for the Civil Fundamentals of Engineering Exam / Michael R. Lindeburg.  
TA159 .L5726 2014 [1/15]
Handbook of transportation engineering / Myer Kutz, editor.
Ref. TA1151 .H34 2011, Vol. 1  & 2
Covers all varieties of transportation systems, including freight, passenger, and mass transit, and air, rail, road, and water systems at the local, regional, national, and international levels and provides problem-solving engineering tools, planning, and design techniques with examples of successful applications. [1/15]
♦  Introduction to infrastructure : an introduction to civil and environmental engineering / Michael R. Penn, Philip J. Parker.
TA147 .P46 2012 [1/15]
♦  Structural engineering formulas / Ilya Mikhelson, Tyler G. Hicks ; illustrations by Lia Mikhelson.
Ref. TA636 .M55 2013 [1/15]


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♦  Computer-aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
(e-journal  1998 - present, 1 year delay)
Acts as a bridge between advances being made in microcomputer technology and civil engineering and aims to encourage the incorporation of microcomputers into civil engineering practice and instruction.   [12/16]

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