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Library Materials for Business Management

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Books and media on Management can be found in the Library under the classifications HD28 through HD70 with works on management of International Business Enterprises in HD62.4; Project Management in HD69.P75; and works on Small Business in HD2340.8 through HD2346.5.

Library materials on Business are found under the classifications HF5001 through HF6182.2. This includes works on the techniques of Selling in HF5438-HF5439; works on Business Enterprises in HF5351; books on office administration/Office Management in HF5546-HF5547; and works on Business Communication in HF5717-HF5734.5, with Business Writing in HF5718.3 and Commercial Correspondence in HF5721-HF5734.  Books on Marketing are also found in this range, specifically HF5410 through HF5417.5, with Internet Marketing in HF5415.1265Books on human resource management, also called Personnel Management, are found in HF5549-HF5549.5Sales Management in HF5438.4; and books on Electronic Spreadsheets, like Microsoft Excel, are found in HF5548.4.

Other areas of interest are: books on the financial management of businesses in HG4001-HG4285 (found in the Library Catalog under the subject headings: Business enterprises--Finance and Corporations--Finance); works on Entrepreneurship are in HB615Database Management books are in QA76.9.D3; Production Management books are in TS155; and Desktop PublishingZ253.53-Z532. Works on information systems management, the coordination of information gathering and dissemination responsibilities within an organization, are found in T58.64 (found in the Library Catalog under the subject heading Information Resources Management).


For more titles, search the Library Catalog using the subject terms listed above in bold.

  Administrative assistant's and secretary's handbook / James Stroman, Kevin Wilson, Jennifer Wauson. 4th ed.
Ref. HF5547.5 .S8163 2012
This handbook for administrative assistants and secretaries covers telephone usage, keeping accurate records, making travel arrangements, e-mail, office equipment and computers, Microsoft Office, business documents, and language usage. Also available as an electronic resource[9/17]
♦  The AMA handbook of business letters / Jeffrey L. Seglin and
Edward Coleman. 4th ed. 
Ref. HF5726 .S42 2012
This authoritative book has effective business correspondence -- from style and grammar guidelines to hundreds of fully executed model letters and memos, plus new sections on business e-mail and more.  Also available online through books 24x7.  [12/17]
♦  Book of lists / Providence Business News.
Ref. HF 3161 .R4 B66 2017
This annual publication, published by Providence Business News, contains more than
80 lists that represent the region's premier source of business information. There is
no more accurate picture of the economy of Rhode Island and Bristol County, Mass.  [9/17]
♦  Business statistics of the United States  
Ref. HC 101 .A13122 2016
Comprehensive and practical collection of data that reflects the nation's economic performance since 1929. It provides up to 80 years of annual data in
regional, demographic and industrial detail for key indicators such as: gross domestic product, personal income, spending, saving, employment, unemployment, the capital stock, and more.
  Dictionary of finance and investment terms / John Downes,
Jordan Elliot Goodman.  9th ed.
Ref. HG151 .D69 2014
More than 5,000 terms related to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, banking, tax laws, and transactions in the various financial markets are presented alphabetically with descriptions. [12/17]
♦  The encyclopedia of business letters, faxes, and e-mail : features hundreds of model letters, faxes, and e-mail to give your business writing the attention it deserves / by Robert W. Bly and Regina Anne Kelly. Rev. ed.
Ref. HF 5721 .B59 2009 
Contains more than 300 model letters with instructions for adapting each to your particular situation.  Dozens of sample e-mail formats to meet today's communication needs; and focused, easy-to-remember directions for organizing your thoughts and composing even the toughest kinds of correspondence. [12/17]
♦  HBR guide to better business writing / by Bryan Garner.
A Harvard Business Review Guide
Ref. HF 5718.3 .G37 2012 
Includes tools you need to express your ideas clearly and persuasively so clients, colleagues, stakeholders, and partners will get behind them. [12/17]
♦  Standard & Poor's 500 guide
Ref. HG 4501 .S68 2013
This authoritative reference includes: information on blue chip stocks from Abbott Labs and GE to Microsoft and Yahoo!; summaries of each company's business activity, sales history, and recent developments; earnings and dividends data, with four-year price charts; and exclusive Standard & Poor's Quality Rankings (from A+ to D). [12/17]
♦  Strauss's handbook of business information : a guide for librarians, students, and researchers / Rita W. Moss and David G. Ernsthausen, 3rd ed.
Ref. HF 1010 .M67 2012
This reference guide is organized into two parts, the first six chapters address general areas of business while chapters 7 through 16 cover more specific topics, such as marketing, investment, and real estate. [12/17]


Search EBSCO's Full Text Finder for Journal Titles, or by subject or simple keyword.
Suggested titles
below listed as (e-journals or electronic journals) can be located in the subscription service, EBSCO's Full Text Finder. [11/16]

♦  Barron's (in Library  Current 2 years only
♦  Bloomberg Businessweek [Also called Business week]
(in Library   Current 6 months only)  (e-journal   2010 - present) [3/17]
♦  Business & Economics Research Journal (e-journal  2009 - present) [1/17]
♦  Business Today (e-journal  2007 - present ) [1/17]
♦  Consumer Reports
(in Library 
Current 12 months only) (e-journal   1991 - present [3/17]
♦  Harvard Business Review (e-journal   1922 - present)
♦  Journal of Economics and Business Research (e-journal   2009 - present) [1/17]
♦  Providence Business News  (in Library  Current 12 months only) [3/17]
♦  Rhode Island Small Business Journal (RISBJ) (in Library  Current 3 years only)
(Past issues archive available online
♦  The Wall Street Journal (in Library   Current 2 months only) [3/17]


♦  How to Research a Legal Problem: a guide for non-Lawyers [pdf]

♦  Business Resources  (rev. August, 2015)

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