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Library Materials for Aviation Science Technology

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Books and media on Aeronautics can be found in the Library under the classifications HE9761 through HE9900 (the air transportation industry), and TL500 through TL830 (the technology or art of flying airplanes). More specifically, books on Flight can be found on the shelves in TL570-TL578 (for the mechanics of flight), and books on Airplanes -- Piloting are in TL710-TL713,  with Instrument Flying in TL711.B6Books on aviation safety are found with books on Aeronautics--Safety Measures in the classifcation TL553.5-TL553.53 (accident prevention).

Works on the regulation and control of aircraft traffic in the air are found in Air Traffic Control, TL725.3.T7. Works on the regulation of aircraft traffic on the ground are found under Airports -- Traffic Control in TL725.3.T7.

Books on Meteorology can be found in QC851 through QC999, with books specifically on Meteorology in Aeronautics in TL556-TL558.


For more titles, search the Library Catalog using the subject terms listed above in bold.

♦  Airplane flying handbook / Federal Aviation Administration. 
TL710 .A49 2007
Introduces “basic, essential piloting skills and knowledge” and has “been on the FAA’s required reading list for all pilots for more than 30 years. The official FAA reference for the aviator-in-training, many test questions for the FAA Knowledge Exams for pilots come directly from this guide. This handbook provides information and guidance in the performance of procedures and maneuvers required for pilot certification and is an excellent resource for flight instructors teaching both student and licensed pilots.” Also available online from the FAA website.
♦  Cessna 152 training manual / by Oleg Roud and Danielle Bruckert. 2nd ed.
Ref. TL686 .C4 R685 2011 
♦  Cessna 172 training manual / by Oleg Roud and Danielle Bruckert. 3rd ed.
Ref. TL686 .C4 R687 2011 
♦  Dictionary of aeronautical terms / Dale Crane,
Ref. TL509 .C73 2012
Includes over 11,000 “words, abbreviations, phrases, and disciplines of aviation” and includes “nearly 500 illustrations to further explain and aid visual recognition”. Appendices include useful lists and tables, such as the periodic table of elements, phonetic alphabet, Morse code, and an expanded list of aviation acronyms.
♦  FAR/AIM (Federal aviation regulations/aeronautical information manual) 
TL710 .F375 2008
“This edition has been fully updated and indexed to clearly reflect all the changes over the past year. The most pertinent sections of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations for pilots and aviation industry professionals are included”, as well as a combined FAR/AIM index.  Newest edition available online from FAA's website.   
♦  Pilot's encyclopedia of aeronautical knowledge / Federal Aviation Administration.
TL710 .P48 2007
Contains material dealing with how to earn a “certificate and learn the aerodynamic theory associated with airplane flight. This book is a key reference tool for passing the FAA Knowledge Exam and Practical Test (checkride) and all the information necessary for operating an aircraft.” Also available online in PDF format from the FAA website.
♦  Pilot’s handbook of aeronautical knowledge 2008.
Ref. TL710 .P48 2013
“Includes a history of flight, a discussion of the role of the FAA, the criteria for earning the various pilot certificates, how to select a flight school and instructor, and the tests associated with earning a pilot certificate. Subjects covered include aircraft structure and systems, principles and aerodynamics of flight, flight controls and flight instruments, weight and balance, performance, weather theory, airport operations, and much more.“ Also available online in PDF format from the FAA website.‚Äč


These selected titles are best suited to your program:
♦  Approach : The Naval Safety Center's Aviation Magazine (online)
Articles, review articles and commentary focusing on Naval aviation safety.
♦  Aviation History (online)
Articles and book reviews for those interested in the history of aviation.
♦  Aviation Week & Space Technology (online)
Articles on the aviation and aerospace industries, including military and civilian aircraft, weapons, rockets, and space exploration.
♦  Flight International  (online)
The world's oldest continuously-published aviation weekly. Includes features, directory issues and unique technical cutaway drawings.


♦  The Magic of Flight [videorecording] / a film produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films for the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation. 
Media (DVD) TL546.7 .M24 2000
This documentary DVD explains the basic principles of what enables airplanes (and birds) to fly, what creates lift, how planes maneuver, how planes land again. Includes coverage of the Wright Brothers' experiments at Kitty Hawk.                                                        

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