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Resources for Sociology

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General Information

Resources include library materials, featuring books, ebooks, journals, and/or media in your elective that are listed in the Library Catalog; and Web resources, featuring recommended Web resources  selected and annotated by NEIT's Reference Librarians.

These resources are intended to be a starting point only and are not a comprehensive guide to all the resources available.  Always be sure to Ask a Librarian.


Library materials on Sociology as a branch of learning are found in the Library under the classification HM. Books on the Internet and society are found in HM851 (found in the Library Catalog under the subject headings Internet--Social Aspects and Information Society). Works on deviancy and social deviance are found on the shelves in HM811-HM816 (under the subject heading, Deviant Behavior).

Works on Social Problems are found in the classification HN.

Works on the occurrence of Crime are located in HV6001-HV7220.5. Works on the discipline that studies the causes, detection and prevention of crime, and the treatment or punishment of criminals, are found in HV6001-HV6030, Criminology. Works on the criminal justice system are  in HV7231-HV9960Criminal Justice, Administration of.

Books on the sociology of aging are found on the shelves in HQ1059-HQ1064 (listed in the Library Catalog under the subject heading Older People) with other books on Sociology.

Library materials on Sports in general are found in GV561-GV1198.995.

General works on Language are found in the classification P1-P1091. Specifically, you can find works on Language and Culture in P35, works on language and society in P40 (listed under the  subject heading Sociolinguistics in the Library Catalog). Also works on human communication and the modern means of mass communication in P87-P96 (find more books using the subejct headings Communication, and Mass Media).

For more titles, search the Library Catalog using the subject terms listed above in bold.

♦  The creative spark: how imagination made humans exeptional / Agustin Fuentes.
BD450 .F79456 2017 [2/20]
♦  A dictionary of sociology / edited by John Scott and Gordon Marshall. 
3rd ed. rev. 
Ref. HM425 .D5735 2009
With terms taken from sociology and the related fields of psychology, economics, anthropology, philosophy, and political science, it provides widespread coverage of all aspects of sociology from adaptation to zero toleranceas well as biographies covering key figures.  [2/20]
♦  The future of work: robots, AI, and automation / Darrell M. West
HD4855 .W47 2018
How will tools like robots, AI, and driverless cars transform society, the economy,a nf politics? This book presents a number of proposals to help people deal with the transition from the industrial to digital age. [2/20]
♦  The gay revolution: the story of the struggle / Lillian Faderman.
HQ76.8 .U5 F33 2015
Story of the modern struggle for gay, lesbian, and trans from 1950 to present. [2/20]
♦  Globalization and American popular culture / Lane Crothers.
E169.12 .C74 2013 3rd ed.
This book explores the ways American products such as movies, music, TV, fast food, sports, and even clothing styles have molded and continue to influence modern globalization. [2/20]
♦  How America eats: A social history of U.S. food & culture / Jennifer Jensen Wallach.
GT2853.U5 W35 2014
A look at the country's culinary history showing how America's food habits have been changed by technological innovations and industrail progress along with intermingling and mixture of ethinic cultures. [2/20]
♦  How the Internet happened: From Netscape to the iPhone / Brian McCullough.
TK5105 .875 .I57 M381554 2018
History of the Internet, why the Internet exploded and how it changed everything. [2/20]
♦  Meaning of sociology / Joel M. Charon, Lee Garth Vigilant.
HM 585 .C4475 2009 8th ed.
A classic introduction to sociology with sound understanding of key sociological concepts and insight into how sociologists view society and human beings. [2/20]
♦  The qualified self: social media and the accounting of everyday life /
Lee Humphreys.
HM 851 .H856 2018
Sharing details of our daily lives start with social media- people have used media to catalog and share their lives for several centuries. [2/20]
♦  Sitcommentary: television comedies that changed America / Mark A. Robinson.
PN1992.8 .C66 R63 2019
The situation comedy has challenged the public to revisit social mores and reshape how we think about the world in which we live. [2/20]
♦  Social movements & global social change: the rising tide / Robert K. Schaefer.
HM 881 .S33 2014
This book examines different types of social movements including those often ignored in textbooks, such as riots, migration, disorganized protests...featuring global perspective and examples. [2/20]
♦  The sociology book / DK Publishing.
HM585 .S624 2015
Profiles of the world's more renowned sociologists and more than 100 of their biggest ideas. [2/20]
♦  Solutions to social problems: lessons from other societies / D. Stanley Eitzen.
HN 17.5 .S653 2010 [2/20]
This book examines how other advanced industrial societies have dealt with social problems with relative success and how these strategies may be applicable to the U.S.
♦  Videocracy: how YouTube is changing the world...with double rainbows, s
inging foxes...
/ Kevin Allocca.
HM742 .A46 2018
Behind the scenes exploration of Internet video's massive impact on our world and reveals how beloved videos and famous trends come to be and why they may mean more than you think. [2/20]
♦  Who rules America?; the triumph of the corporate rich / G. William Domhoff.
HN90.E4 .D652 2014
An invaluable tool for teaching how power operates in the U.S. society including the first twelve years of this century. [2/20]


Search EBSCO's Full Text Finder for Journal Titles, or by subject or simple keyword.
Suggested titles
below listed as (e-journals or electronic journals) can be located in the subscription service, EBSCO's Full Text Finder.

♦  Basic & Applied Social Psychology (e-journal 1980 - present, 18 month delay
Covers basic research in social psychology that can be applied to real world problems as well as direct applications of social psychological theory to social problems. [12/16]
♦  European Journal of Social Psychology (e-journal  1971-present, 1 year delay)
Acts as a forum for original research in all areas of social psychology. [12/16]
♦  Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology
1991-present, 1 year delay)
Reviews & report concepts, methods & experience relating to individual & social behaviour in the context of community problems. [12/16]
♦  Journal of Social History (e-journal 1974-present, 1 year delay )
Articles, review essays & book reviews on all aspects of social history. [12/16]
♦  Progress in Development Studies (e-journal 2001 - 2016)
Topics covered: poverty alleviation and international aid; international debt crisis, economic development and industrialization, environmental degradation & sustainable development, political governance and civil society, gender relations, rights of the child. [12/16]
♦  Sociological Forum (e-journal 1986- present, 1 year delay)
Integrative articles and reviews that link subfields of sociology or related sociological research to other disciplines. [12/16]


Listed are selected media titles pertinent to your elective:
♦  Exploring society : Social groups [videorecording] / Dallas TeleLearning, Dallas County Community College District, in cooperation with The Wadsworth Group, a division of Thomson Learning.
Media (DVD) HM716 .S62 2002
This program examines the defining characteristics of different types of social groups, looks at leadership in relation to groups, and probes the characteristics and consequences of conformity. Discusses the manner in which social groups exert
powerful influence upon individual behavior. Research experiments are illustrated indicating that group pressure leads to conformity and authority leads to
obedience and conformity. [12/15]
♦  He said, she said : gender, language, communication [videorecording] / Into the Classroom Media.
Media (DVD) P120 .S48 H4 2000
Live video presentation of Deborah Tannen's seminal contributions to the understanding of gender, language and communication. Produced, edited and paced for curricular use in communication, linguistics, psychology, sociology and other social sciences classes. [12/15]
♦  Shirts and skins [videorecording].                       
Media (DVD) GV889.26 .S57 2005
Shows how pickup basketball can turn strangers into teammates. Follows a group of serious amateur basketball players in Bloomington, Indiana during an eight-month period. [12/15]

Web Resources

Listed are selected web resources pertinent to your elective:
♦  American Sociological Association
The American Sociological Association [ASA] has numerous resources in their "Explore Sociology" section divided by topic. [7/17]
♦  International Sociological Association
Advance sociological knowledge around the world with representation by sociologists of all schools of thought, approaches, or ideological opinion. [7/17]
♦  SocioSite
Articles and links about major sociological theories and theorists. [7/17]

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