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Resources for Physics

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Featured Resource

Eric Weisstein's World of Physics
Easy to use site that gives simple definitions and facts.

General Information

Resources include library materials, featuring books, ebooks, journals, and/or media in your elective that are listed in the Library Catalog; and Web resources, featuring recommended Web resources  selected and annotated by NEIT's Reference Librarians.

These resources are intended to be a starting point only and are not a comprehensive guide to all the resources available.  Always be sure to Ask a Librarian.


Books and media on Physics can be found in the Library under the classification QC, with general works and textbooks on Physics in QC21-QC23.2.

For more titles, search the Library Catalog using the subject terms listed above in bold.

♦  CRC handbook of chemistry and physics : a ready-reference book of chemical and physical data / editor-in-chief, David R. Lide. 96th ed.
Ref. QD65.C88 2015
A classic, respected reference resource. [7/18]
♦  Drawing physics 2,600 years of discovery from Thales to Higgs /
Don S. Lemons

Chronological drawings, beginning with Thales' discovery of triangulation, to the Great War over Einstein's discovery of relativity in the twenty-first century.  Accessible explanations of fifty-one (51) key ideas in physics. [2018  1st edition on order]   [7/18]
♦  The Facts on File dictionary of physics  4th ed. /
edited by John Daintith, Richard Rennie.
Ref. QC5 .F34 2005
Presents definitions of the major terminology of modern physics, along with concise explanations of the fundamental concepts and theories of the field. [7/18]
♦  The Macmillan dictionary of measurement / Mike Darton and John Clark.
Ref. QC82 .D37 1994
Variety of different kinds of measurements including many categories such as sports, military rank, geological time, music and others. [7/18]
♦  Physics I for dummies /
Steven Holzner

Explains the basic principles, updated examples, and newest discoveries,  in a simple, clear fashion. [2016 2nd edition on order] [7/18]

Web Resources

Listed are selected web resources pertinent to your elective:
♦  American Physical Society Articles
Features three kinds of articles: Viewpoints are commentaries written by active researchers;  Focus stories are written by professional science writers in a journalistic style; Synopses are brief editor-written summaries. [7/18]
♦  Eric Weisstein's World of Physics
Online encyclopedia of physics created by Eric Weisstein. Search the site or browse through subject categories. Includes a list of literature references. [7/18]
♦  The Laws List
The Laws List is a list of various laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, experiments and other related topics in physics in alphabetical order. [7/18]
♦  Physics Calculators by OMNI Calculator
Easy to work with variety of online calculators. [7/18]
♦  Physics Central: learn how your world works
Physics Central is produced by the American Physical Society, APS for the student and layperson. It contains 3 sections: Explore the Science - current research, bios of physicists, Ask & Experiment, and Physics Buzz.  Also podcasts and find physics pictures. [7/18]

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