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Could your existing community involvement count for college credit?

You may be able to receive college credit for community activities that you are already involved with! Check out this list for some ideas.  Are there any that you are already doing? Sign up for CE 101/301 to earn course credit for your community involvement!

Click here for a printable pdf of the following listing:

♦  Volunteer firefighter/ EMT

♦  Coaching youth sports (baseball, soccer, T-ball, hockey, football, etc.)

♦  Helping in your child’s classroom (reading, computers, tutoring, chaperone)

♦  School activities (fairs, dances, plays, field trips, fundraisers)

♦  Libraries (computer assistance, literacy tutor)

♦  YMCA/YWCA, Boy/Girl Scouts activities

♦  Lions, Elks, Rotary, Masons, Shriners, etc. – service clubs

♦  SkillsUSA (sponsor competitions for students in technical, skilled, and service occupations including health occupations)

♦  VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America)

♦  Church activities (nursery, food pantry, etc.)

♦  Various fundraising events for charitable organizations

♦  Being involved with a neighborhood cleanup

♦  Charitable fundraisers (Walk-a-Thons; road, bike, skate races, motorcycle events)

♦  All volunteer military duty from all branches of armed forces

♦  Usher for NEIT graduation

♦  Computer assistance -- web pages, installation, tutoring, maintenance, upgrading

♦  Automotive/Auto Body -- various mechanical activities (oil changes , tires, electrical, engine repair; body work, paint, SkillsUSA & VICA)

♦  Construction -- repairs, additions, porches, roof work, siding ♦to assist others through a nonprofit such as Habitat for Humanity

♦  Allied Health -- participated in activity related to medical field on a volunteer basis (nursing homes, hospital, hospice, elderly, SkillsUSA & VICA)

♦  Video/radio -- participated in activity using these skills for the benefit of an
individual or group

And many others not listed!

Contact the Feinstein Enriching America Program Coordinator for more information.


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