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What are the benefits of volunteering through the Community Enrichment course?

Why Volunteer through the Feinstein Enriching America Program?

♦  Feel the satisfaction of giving your time and talents to help others.

♦  Build your workplace skills in areas such as communication, problem solving, organization and professionalism, as well as many specific technical skills.

♦  Strengthen your resume and stand out from the competition in your job search.

♦  Learn something new such as cooking, teaching, landscaping, and other new skills.

♦  Meet new people and build your personal and professional network.

♦  CE 101/301 is a FREE, one credit course that will ensure your community involvement is recognized on your transcript.

♦  This one credit course can assist student who need to maintain full time status for financial aid.

♦  Become eligible for the Feinstein Enriching America Scholarship (application required).

For more information, please contact the Feinstein Enriching America Program Coordinator for assistance.


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