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Who is Alan Shawn Feinstein?

The Feinstein Foundation


Noted philanthropist Alan Shawn Feinstein is a key figure in both the exploration of outer-space, and the battle against world hunger. Dr. Feinstein has donated millions of dollars throughout the state to improve the quality of education and to eliminate hunger. His most recent initiative is to make Rhode Island the first “hunger-free” state.

Mr. Feinstein was born in Milton, MA and received his teaching degree from Boston University. He taught elementary and junior high school for many years. More recently, Mr. Feinstein founded the World Hunger Program at Brown University, a Center at their prestigious Institute of International Studies. Founded in 1986, the Alan Shawn Feinstein World Hunger Program is the first university program established to study and help end world hunger.

Alan is also renowned for spearheading interest in space exploration via his widely read Insider’s Report and Eye to the Future newsletters. He is considered one of the people most responsible for mobilizing public interest for a manned mission to Mars. His readers, well over 400,000 strong, have become a powerful lobby supporting space research and exploration. Alan discovered that many of his subscribers were interested in donating their money to good causes; he subsequently established the Feinstein Foundation which has thus far has donated several million to improve the lives of others in our society. Much of this money has been directed toward education for community involved service and activities.

Dr. Feinstein is an integral part of the Rhode Island community, and has resided in Cranston for most of his adult life.

In 1996, Dr. Feinstein awarded New England Institute of Technology with a $1 million endowment to create and implement the Feinstein Enriching America Program. To date, seven of Rhode Island’s colleges and universities have received funds from the Feinstein Foundation to provide a requisite community enrichment program. Dr. Feinstein also helped fund the Institute of Public Service at Providence College and the Providence-based Feinstein High School for Public Service. Additionally, Dr. Feinstein is the motivating force behind other innovative community enrichment programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. All Rhode Island elementary schools now have the Feinstein Good Deeds Program, while 69 schools have implemented the Feinstein Youth Hunger Brigade.

With Dr. Feinstein’s support, New England Institute of Technology is providing students with an opportunity to earn one extra credit through volunteer activity, (Associate Level Community Enrichment 101- 1 credit; Bachelor Level Community Enrichment 301 – 2 credits.) On the AS level, students may earn one extra credit by either continuing volunteer activities with which they are currently involved or by pursuing a new volunteer activity. On the BS level students must take a more active role and be involved at a community site. Students are encouraged to choose a project, activity, or site which best complements their own individual interests, abilities, career goals, and schedules. Involvement in one’s communities should be personally meaningful and should address social problems or issues which interest the individual. Each student is requested to document 15 hours of involvement in one’s community. With well over half of the student body engaged in the Feinstein Enriching America Program, we are fulfilling more than 50,000 hours of community enrichment activities yearly at New England Institute of Technology.

Programs such as the Feinstein Enriching America Program have had a tremendous impact on the overall improvement of the community, affecting thousands of lives. With the continued focus and financial support of persons like Alan Shawn Feinstein, New England Institute of Technology can continue to influence citizens who value their civic responsibilities. Alan Shawn Feinstein is often quoted saying, “To be able to better the lives of others is the greatest of all achievements.” New England Tech students are now provided the opportunity to fully learn the meaning of this statement.