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Library Mission

Mission Statement

The New England Institute of Technology [NEIT] Library and Information Commons offers a physical environment where the NEIT community can gather in a comfortable and highly technological environment to learn and study with materials supporting the curriculum; research information and exchange ideas; collaborate and create, and serves as a gateway to information available online.

The library organizes and integrates print and electronic resources for the campus community, including distance learners. The library also provides educational instruction and information literacy skills to support teaching and learning, in person and virtually, while enhancing critical thinking skills necessary for student success and lifelong learning for personal and professional growth. 


1. Collect and maintain current relevant resources to support the curriculum for all technical and degree programs of the NEIT community. Library resources are not limited to, but will include print and online books, print and online periodicals, media, databases and web resources.
2. Provide quiet study areas and collaborative work areas with access to the digital tools that encourage creativity, research and collaboration.
3. In conjunction with NEIT instructors, Librarians will teach information literacy skills and research techniques, in person or virtually, and provide instructional materials, print and electronic, that describe library resources and services.
4. Provide updated hardware or equipment and the most recent versions of software to support the college curriculum.
5. Maintain and organize the appropriate web resources on the library website to support research and study for students in all NEIT technical and degree programs.
6. Promote library resources and services and through various outreach activities and displays that make the library a true information commons.
7. Participate in resource sharing locally, through OLIS, the State of Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services, and CRIARL, the Consortium of Rhode Island Academic and Research Libraries, and nationally via OCLC, the Online Computer Library Center.

[Revised January,2015]